Fleetwood Community Pool

500 West Vine Street  
Fleetwood, PA 19522

(610) 944-7814


12:00  - gates open for MEMBERS ONLY

12:30 - gates open for daily admission guests.  

We are open until 7:30 pm, daily and until 10:00 pm - Thursdays.

 The pool will open on Saturday, July 2 and will remain open until the end of the season.  Season memberships will be offered for sale at the pool office. See below for rates.

The pool will be open daily until Labor Day (Monday September 5); however, we will not be open on school days once FASD school students return to school in August.

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Summer 2016 Season Information

It would be great if you could come join in the fun!  Fleetwood Borough is running the pool again this year and will be managed by Mary Templin.

Daily Admission Rates

Adult (age 18-64)       $10.00

Child (age 3-17, college students age 18-22 with school ID)  $8.00

Senior (age 65 and older)      $5.00

Reduced Rates after 5pm (Thursdays after 7:30pm)

Adult (age 18-64)       $5.00

Child (age 3-17, college students age 18-22 with school ID)  $4.00

Senior (age 65 and older)      $2.00

Season Passes available at the pool office:

Fleetwood Community Pool 2016 Membership Information

Click here for a hard copy PDF of membership application

Types of Memberships available for purchase:

Borough – residents who live in Fleetwood Borough and pay property taxes to Fleetwood Borough.  

The following street names are in Fleetwood Borough:  Almond Alley, Apple Alley, Arch, Ash, Beech, Bird, Brookfield, Burr Alley, Buttonwood, Cambridge, Cardinal, Cedar, Chestnut, Clover Alley, Cotton, Depot Alley, Doe, Dogwood, Elm, Evergreen, Fieldcrest, Fir, Fleetwood, Forest, Foundry Alley, Franklin, Friendship, Green, Greenway, Heritage, Hickory, Hickory Alley, Hoffman Alley, Jackson, Laurel, Liberty Alley, Linden, Locust, Lumber Alley, Magnolia, Main, Madeira Alley, Maple, Moss Alley, Mulberry Alley, Myrtle, New Alley, Oak, Park Alley, Pearl Alley, Pine, Plum Alley, Poplar, Quince Alley, Race, Richmond, Rose, Salem, School Alley, Shell Alley, Somerset, Spring, Springfield, Spruce, Stone Alley, Vine, Walnut, Walnuttown Rd., Washington, Westfield, Willow, and Wood Alley.  If you do not live on one of these streets within borough limits, you must pay the Non-Borough fees.

Non-Boroughresidents who live outside of Fleetwood Borough and pay property taxes to other entities.

Family – A “family” consists of up to 2 parents and dependent children who all reside in the same residence.  A “dependent child” is age 17 or below or a full-time student who is age 22 or below.  

Pair – A “pair” consists of (1) of the following:  (2) partners (spouses or significant others) who reside at the same residence, OR (1) parent and (1) dependent child who reside at the same residence.  A “dependent child” is age 17 or below or a full-time student who is age 22 or below.  

Individual – single person age 9-64    

Senior – age 65 or older

Caretaker – A “caretaker” is someone who cares for a person who has a Fleetwood Pool Season Membership and will accompany that member to the pool.  

Infants and children age 2 and under do not need a pool pass.

Please Note:    Management reserves the right to request proof of residency, custody, or school enrollment.

Pool Rules

General Rules

Slide Rules


Diving Well Rules

Anyone under the age of 14 must take the swim test to be admitted into the diving well area.

Swim Test

1. Swimmers who wish to take the swim test must report to the office and request to take the test.   

2. Under the supervision of a lifeguard, the swimmer will be asked to swim across and back in the designated area.  The swimmer is not allowed to stop during the test.  If the swimmer is able to accomplish this task, the swimmer will be given a wrist band that will need to be worn to be allowed to enter the diving well area.  If the swimmer does not pass the test, the swimmer may try to re-take the test at another time.

3. The swimmer's name will be recorded in the Swim Test Log.  Once a swimmer passes the test, he/she will not need to re-take the test each day.  Each day, the swimmer will need to report to the office and will be able to receive a new wrist band.

4. We will have monthly checks of all swimmers.  A sign will be posted to alert swimmers when a new swim test will need to be taken.  

Disciplinary Action

When a patron breaks a rule, the following disciplinary actions will be taken:

1. First offense:  a warning will be issued.

2. Second offense:  the offender will be benched for a period of time at the discretion of the lifeguard.

3. Third offense:  the offender will be given a suspension from the pool.  Time limit will be at the discretion of the manager.  

***Serious offenses may warrant immediate suspension from the pool.  Time limit will be at the discretion of the manager.

Bad Weather

Closings and delayed openings for bad weather or no attendance will be left to the discretion of the manager.  All closings and delayed openings will be posted on the "Friends of Fleetwood Pool" Facebook page.  Rain checks will be issued at the discretion of the manager.

Personal Items

Please limit the personal items that you bring to the pool.  Please bring only the necessary items needed for swimming.  The Borough of Fleetwood is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Age Limit

Children 8 years and under will not be permitted in the pool area unsupervised.  

Click HERE to view and print a hard copy of these the 2016 Pool Rules. Please review the rules with your children.  If you have any questions about these rules, please talk with the manager.

Swim Lessons

We will be offering swim lessons this season.  Information about swim lessons is available below (PDF)

Swim Lesson Info

Swim Lesson Registration

Private Parties


Cancellation/Refund Policy

Party Guidelines

Click HERE  for the Private Party Information/Agreement.

Special Events:



If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to fleetwoodpool@yahoo.com or call the pool at 610-944-7814 and leave a message on the answering machine.  Your phone call will be returned within 1 week.